Are You Selecting Accessories To Go With Your Summer Wardrobe?

Have you already established your basic summer wardrobe? Maybe you've gone through your clothes, and you have decided which items you'll keep and which ones you'll give to a charity organization. You might have added things like new capris and sundresses to your summer wardrobe. If that's the case, do you already have the accessories to go with your summer wardrobe? If not, from selecting Bohemian handbags to choosing jewelry items, here are some ideas that might help you.

Shop For Bohemian Handbags - When you go into a clothing store, do you seem to gravitate to the purse department? With that in mind, consider the handbags you'll select for this summer's outfits. Have you seen Bohemian handbags already? If so, you more than likely already bought at least one. If you haven't seen the latest in handbags, prepare to be awed. 

Think of buying super colorful leather handbags to go with solid-colored summer clothes. For example, if you have a new bright-pink sundress, choose a handbag that has a lot of bright pink in the design. That same handbag will also add some pizzaz to all-black outfits. A solid colored handbag will complement outfits that have things like a floral pattern, polka dots, and plaids as their design.

Do you plan on taking a trip this summer? If so, a super large Bohemian handbag will be a must for traveling. You can place a smaller handbag into the larger one and still use it as your carry-on item. If it's just a weekend trip, you can probably even pack all you'll need right into the large handbag.

Shop For Jewelry Items - Selecting the right jewelry for your summer wardrobe isn't just important, it's also fun. Think of how jewelry pieces can change the mood of one single outfit. For example, if you have an all-black outfit, wearing it with chunky, colorful wooden jewelry will give it a casual, fun look. Now try the same all-black outfit with a pearl necklace and pearl earrings, and you've created an elegant look.

Choose jewelry pieces that will also go with your handbags. For example, if you selected a colorful patterned handbag to go with your pink sundress, choose something like bright pink hoop earrings and bright pink bangle bracelets for a very feminine look. if you chose a solid color handbag to go with outfits of a printed design, think of buying gold-toned or silver-toned jewelry to provide some contrast.