Three Ways To Use Jojoba Oil

If you've heard about the many health benefits of jojoba oil from a family member or friend, you might be interested in buying a bottle of this oil and using it in various ways. You can buy unscented jojoba oil, which has a very gentle, natural aroma. Some companies also sell blends of jojoba oil and essential oils, which can be ideal for someone who wants a more noticeable scent in this product. There are many simple ways that you can incorporate jojoba oil into your daily self-care routine, including these three ideas.

Treat Sunburn

Whether you've spent time around the backyard pool, at the beach, or at a live sporting event, it's common to have a sunburn by the end of the day. This skin irritation can be uncomfortable beneath your clothing, make showering painful, and even pose challenges when you're trying to sleep. A good way to alleviate some of this discomfort is by applying jojoba oil to the affected areas. Gently rub a small amount of the oil onto any parts of your skin that are noticeably red, and reapply daily. It's likely that you'll notice a reduction in the symptoms of your sunburn.

Speed Up Healing

Another good way to use jojoba oil is to apply it to minor skin injuries as a way of improving your skin's ability to heal. The healthy nature of this oil can be beneficial to skin that has suffered a mild trauma — for example, a scraped knee from a fall or a scratch from a pet cat. Wash the area well to remove any bacteria, and then gently add some jojoba oil around the injury. You may find that the injury heals faster than if you weren't applying this oil to it.

Improve Your Hair

Many people who enjoy using jojoba oil keep a bottle in their shower. As they bathe, they add a small amount of the oil to their scalp, and then rub it in thoroughly. This type of oil can be effective if you have a dry scalp. Flakes of dandruff on your clothing can be visible when you wear dark colors, and this can be embarrassing. You'll likely find that using jojoba oil in your hair on a regular basis can reduce your dandruff. The oil may also help to improve the shine of your hair. Look for a bottle of jojoba oil for sale online.