Beautiful Baby Pictures: How to Get the Most Out of a Newborn Photography Shoot

It's exciting to hire a professional to take newborn pictures of your baby. These newborn sessions are becoming very popular, and you may spend hours looking at different poses and albums online, thinking about how your pictures will look. In order to make sure your pictures look the very best, there are some things you can do to add beauty and life to newborn photos. Consider some of the following ideas to make your baby's picture both beautiful and memorable.

Consider the Clothing

Some newborn photo trends have babies posed without any clothes-- not even a diaper covering. However, there should be some shots of your baby wearing clothing. Don't choose a regular onesie or sleeper from the drawer of baby clothes. Spend some time looking for a timeless, simple piece that will cover less-than-attractive diapers while also letting people know if your child is a girl or a boy.

For girls, you might consider a body suit made from lace ruffles, or a gauzy-like dress that settled around the baby like a fairy. You won't find these signature pieces in regular stores. Check out baby girl boutique clothes like Shop Sugar Babies for clothes that will shine on camera. Boutiques may also offer costume-like outfits if you want a theme for your photos, such a fairy tale princess outfits, literature, or period costumes. 

For boys, consider a pair of simple denim overalls to be worn without an undershirt, or dress him in a hat with fox ears paired with a simple pair of brown pants. Bow ties are also something to consider as part of the ensemble. Themes for boys might include cowboys or woodland creatures.

Make Sure Baby Is Ready

Newborns are generally easy subjects to photograph because they don't move much and sleep so often. However, the last thing you want is for the photographer to show up, only to have baby inconsolably crying. Wait to schedule your newborn shoot until you have a good idea what will calm your new baby, or when they will likely be asleep.

Another idea is to schedule the newborn shoot within a few days of returning home from the hospital. Right after birth, babies are more clam because they are recovering from the tiring ordeal of labor and delivery—just like you. While you might not be up to pictures, baby will likely be prepared for his or her closeup. It simply depends if you would like to present in the newborn pictures, or if you intend for your baby to be the only subject. 

You can also make sure that your baby is ready to be photographed by feeding them right before the photographer arrives, as this will prevent you from having to take a break from the session for a feeding. Even though your baby is young, you can also try wearing them out with play/tummy time beforehand.

Choose a Good Time of Day

Natural light is best for taking clear, beautiful photographs. If you are holding the shoot indoors, schedule it during a time when you can have plenty of light coming in through the windows. If early morning or early evening is better for your schedule, consider having the shoot outdoors, as dusky light is one of the best forms of light for gorgeous photographs. Night-time is generally inadvisable for pictures, unless your photographer is prepared to bring a light kit and external flash to simulate the natural light of the daytime. 

Your newborn photos can be just as beautiful as those you see in online portfolios if you hire a professional and prepare well with the right clothes, props, and newborn care. Don't forget to visit a boutique in your area to look for those items that will help your newborn stand out in his or her photos.