5 Bedding Gifts Ideal for Maturing Tween Girls

Other than the latest electronics or gift cards, it can be hard to shop for a girl aged 10 to 12. Once the tweens have passed their love for toys, it can become harder to stop in a store and pick out something quick. Girls often like to spend time in their room and you can attribute to this with a special bedding gift. Once the twin bed is upgraded to fit their growing lifestyle, there are five different bedding gifts you can purchase. These gifts fit all types of personalities and can be purchased to match all type of bedroom designs.

Bigger Comforter Sets

If the girl is upgrading her bed to a bigger size, then you can help match it with a comforter set. Queen comforter sets have the extra space and room for girls to relax and stay warm. When shopping for these sets, there are a number of styles that can reflect the younger ages without resorting to character or cartoon designs.

For example, you can look for a dual sided comforter. One side features a solid color while the reverse side features some type of pattern like stripes or polka dots. This allows the girl to make her bed with either design facing out. A bedding set will feature matching sheets and pillow shams to complete the design. Get great ideas by visiting resources like http://www.kinglinen.com.

Custom Pillows

Match a new comforter set by ordering custom pillows. These pillows can add a personal touch to the gift that you're giving and become a special item that the girl keeps for years. The pillow design can feature a number of options including the girl's name, her initials, or her birth year. It can also cater to an interest like a sport or hobby.

There are a number ways you can order a custom pillow, including embroidered text, screen-printing, or iron-on patches.

Novelty Throw Pillows

As girls age, they may start replacing a majority of their stuffed animals with items catered towards older girls. Instead of purchasing a stuffed animal for the girl, you can consider buying novelty throw pillows. These pillow designs are shaped in a number of things. For example, you can purchase a variety of novelty food-shaped pillows. This includes pillows in the shape of hamburgers, gummy bears, donuts, and pizza.

Additional novelty throw pillows include designs based off of sport teams or themes like soccer balls. Shop for pillows based off the girl's interest. You can also look for designs that match a bedding set that you purchase.

Bed Canopies

If the girl shares a room, then you can offer a little more privacy and relaxation with the purchase of a bed canopy. These canopies drape over the entire bed and feature a number of design accents like glitter. The standard color is white, but you can find canopies in a number of other colors like pink, purple, and light green.

Instead of purchasing a new canopy, you can use what you know about the tween girl and make a canopy of your own. A variety of fabrics and curtain rods can be crafted to create a nice canopy design that has extra thought and care because it was made yourself.

Video Device Brackets

Some girls have their own TV while others use personal devices like tablets. If the tween in yourself has a portable device, then you can make it easier to use for them by supplying a video device bracket for the bed. These brackets hang off of the bed frame to supply a hands-free way to use a tablet. It is ideal for watching online video content, playing games or using video chat.

A bed bracket is also ideal for hands-free reading. Young girls can easily read and flip through pages while relaxing in the bed. The adjustable brackets makes it easy to tilt and rotate the screen for the most comfort possible.