8 Classic Christmas Movie Characters To Dress Your Baby Up As For The Holidays

As you get ready to celebrate your baby's first Christmas, showcase them in style by dressing them up in a baby costume inspired by your favorite Christmas movie characters. Whether you're taking pictures with Santa, attending a holiday party, or just celebrating on Christmas morning, a costume is a great way to liven spirits and make some great memories. The following costume ideas are all inspired by classic Christmas movies. When placed on an infant, they can add a lot of creativity and humor while you celebrate.

The Grinch - How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Dress your little one as the mischievous Grinch. The bright green and furry costume is not only a fun costume, but it has a lot of fur that basically feels like you're wrapping the baby up in a blanket. Along with the base Grinch jumpsuit, you can complete the design with a small Santa outfit to go over it. In both the animated and live-action films, the Grinch creates his own Santa outfit to wear when he invades the town of Whoville. A Santa hat can also work on its own to go with the green suit.

Kevin - Home Alone

Before your little baby is old enough to stay Home Alone, you can dress them as Kevin, the hero and star of the classic Christmas film. Throughout the movie, Kevin is dressed in a number of traditional Christmas sweaters. These sweaters can be purchased in a small infant size. Look for patterned colors that mix reds, blues, and blacks into the design.

For an extra touch, layer the costume with a turtleneck underneath the sweater. This represents a look that Kevin had in the film.

Hermie the Elf - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Hermie the Elf always wanted to be a dentist in Rudolph the Red- Nosed Reindeer, but he always wore the classic Elf outfit in the film. The outfit features a blue base, white glow trimming, and a black belt. Shop for an infant elf costume featuring this color design to accurately represent the elf. Hermie also had a flowing head of blonde hair. You can showcase this with a small beanie or wig for your infant.

Buddy the Elf - Elf

Keep the elf theme going by choosing to dress your infant up as Will Ferrell's character Buddy. Buddy wears a bright green elf outfit that features a large white collar and some yellow trim. This costume design is more like a traditional elf outfit and makes it easy to purchase as a costume. If you cannot find an official Buddy costume, purchase a regular Elf costume for your baby and then tweak it as needed.

Ralph - A Christmas Story

There are many memorable scenes in A Christmas Story, but one of the biggest visual laughs is when Ralph comes down the stairs on Christmas in the pink bunny outfit his aunt sent him. Purchase a pink bunny outfit for your baby to create the same look that Ralph had in the film. Once Christmas is over, the same costume can be used for an Easter celebration.

Jack Skellington - The Nightmare Before Christmas

Mix the best of both Halloween and Christmas with a Jack Skellington costume. If an official costume cannot be found, then you can purchase a basic infant skeleton costume and mix it with a Santa Claus outfit. The combination represents Jack as he dressed as Santa Claus for the climax of the film.

Woodstock - A Charlie Brown Christmas

Turn your little baby into the smallest character featured in the classic "A Charlie Brown Christmas." A small yellow bird costume is all it takes to transform your baby in the funny bird. Pair the costume with a large dog stuffed animal to represent Snoopy.

After your child's first Christmas, you can make holiday costumes a new annual tradition. As you plan out costumes earlier in the year, request to see their Christmas collections so you know what type of costumes are available.