Are You Looking To Keep Costs Low When Purchasing Custom Screen Print T-Shirts? Learn What Factors Affect The Price

Custom screen print t-shirts are used in a variety of different ways. Schools may order the shirts for spirit days, little league teams may order them as uniforms, and businesses may order them as promotional tools. Regardless of how you plan on using the t-shirts you order, you may be looking to get them at a cheap price. There are many elements that affect the price of a custom screen print t-shirt. Learning what factors affect the price can help you plan your design and order in order to get the lowest price possible. Here are some of the factors that affect the price of a custom screen print t-shirt.

How Many Shirts You Are Ordering

One of the factors that affects how much you will pay for your custom screen print t-shirts is how many shirts you are ordering. It takes time, effort and money to design a screen printed shirt for your organization, business, school or group. Printing only one of these shirts can be costly because of this. However, the more shirts you order, the cheaper your price per shirt will be because this cost gets distributed among the shirts. Additionally, many companies are able to get ink and shirts for cheaper when they buy in bulk. If you have a large order, they may be able to offer you a lower cost because they are getting the supplies for your order at a lower cost. When hiring a company to print your shirts, always ask about any bulk discounts they offer. You may find that you are only a few shirts away from the discount, and it may be cheaper to bump up your order to reach this discount.

The Color of the Shirt You Are Printing On

The color of the t-shirt you are looking to have a screen printed design added to can also affect the price you pay for custom screen print t-shirts. A white shirt is the cheapest to print on, with a black shirt being the most expensive to print on. The main reason for this is because ink shows up darker on lighter colors. As such, you have to use less ink to print on a white or light grey shirt. When you are printing on dark shirts, such as navy or black, you have to use more ink to overcome the pigmentation in the shirt and make the color stand out. This drives the cost up. As such, when you are looking to keep costs low, always select a light colored t-shirt to be printed on.

How Many Places You Want a Design on the Shirt

It can be enticing to have your custom screen print t-shirt printed on in different places. You may want something on the front of the shirt and then something different on the back of the shirt. However, when you are trying to keep your costs low, you need to be mindful of the fact that the more places the shirt is printed on, the higher your costs will be. One of the reasons for this is that a screen printing company needs to design different designs for different areas of the shirt. If you want something on the pocket of the shirt, they can't use that same screen press for the back of a shirt, as they will be completely different sizes. Secondly, the more places you print on a shirt, the more ink you use, which drives the cost up. Lastly, labor is used to take the shirt and flip it over as needed to screen print on the front, back, sleeve or pocket. The more places you have screen printed on the shirt, the more your costs will be.

When you are looking to have custom screen print t-shirts made, you need to consider your budget. If you have a low budget, learning what factors affect the price can help you make choices that will keep your costs low. Ordering in bulk, selecting a light colored t-shirt and printing on only one part of the t-shirt are a few of the best ways to keep your costs as low as possible when getting custom screen print t-shirts made. For more information, visit websites like