Tips For Picking Out And Wearing Your Graduation Clothing

The big day is almost here. You are finally going to graduate and move on to your career. Congratulations. If you want to start your new life on right, you can begin by nailing the details of your graduation gown and any related clothing items. Here are some tips to keep in mind for the big day.

Get the Right Sash

Some schools provide elaborate graduation costumes for their students, complete with tassels and sashes. But if all you are getting is a basic gown, you might want to add your own personal touch. That said, there is a lot of tradition involved when it comes to picking out a graduation sash. Historically speaking, students are expected to wear a sash of a certain color depending on what field they are graduating in. Here's a quick primer for you.

  • Scarlet or Red is associated with Law
  • Violet or Purple is associated with Divinity
  • Pink or "Redcurrant" is associated with Medicine and Health
  • Amaranth or Rose is associated with Science
  • Yellow or Daffodil is associated with the Arts and Humanities

As you can see, there are quite a few different colors out there based on your major, so do some research and make sure you will match up with your classmates before you head to the ceremony.

Other Considerations

As for the gown itself, you'll likely be given a set of guidelines by your school. The color will likely be picked for you, but certain exceptions may apply. For example, most doctoral students always wear a black-colored gown.

In the United States, the headpiece is also a crucial part of the graduation outfit. You may adorn your cap with a variety of adornments, but the tassel remains one of the most important. The tassel should ideally be the same color as either your gown or your sash and should begin on the left side of your head at the start of the ceremony. When the ceremony concludes, it is tradition to move the tassel from the left to the right before removing the cap from your head.

If you have any questions about what color a certain part of your graduation outfit should be, reach out to your school or a provider of graduation garments today for more information. With just a little more homework, you'll be prepared to march into your graduation ceremony looking ready to move on to the next phase of your life.