Fun Stocking Christmas Gift Ideas For Sci-Fi Fans

Now that the holiday season is fast approaching, it is time to get started with your shopping list. It can be time-consuming to select appropriate gifts for the special people in your life, so it is wise to give yourself ample time so that you are not rushing around at the last minute trying to pick out presents. Last-minute shopping will normally result in poor gifts as you won't have many options. 

That said, this guide is a quick list of stocking stuffer gift ideas for people in your life who happen to be big fans of sci-fi. People who are science fiction aficionados will appreciate a gift that ties into their interests. And the great thing about this list is that you don't have to be familiar with science fiction at all; the guide will help you know exactly what to buy.

Star Trek Collectible Pins

If your friend is a huge fan of Star Trek, then you should definitely consider getting them something that is connected with the iconic television show. Fans of Star Trek are known as Trekkies. They are known for their fanatical love of the television show. They are known to dress up and attend Star Trek conventions, and some of them have even taken to learning the fictional language, Klingon, which is spoken on the show. A nice Star Trek collectible pin is a fantastic idea. Even if you're friend is not the type who dresses up and goes to conventions, they would still appreciate a nice collectible pin to keep with their other Star Trek memorabilia. 

A Classic Sci-Fi Movie Poster

Another cool idea is to get your friend a copy of a classic science fiction movie poster. You can get them a copy of their all-time favorite poster, or you can simply choose a classic sci-fi poster from the golden age of science fiction (which is oftentimes pinpointed at the 1950s). The posters had wonderful artwork and run the range from campy to scary. You might even want to combine a classic poster (framed or unframed, dependent upon your budget) with the original book. 

A First Edition Of Their Favorite Sci-Fi Novel

If you are sure what your friend's favorite novel happens to be, then an excellent and thoughtful gift would be to pick up a first edition print of that novel. If you're priced out of that option because it is too expensive, then you could always choose an older edition that has the colorful dust jacket typical of classic science fiction. 

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