Need To Purchase New Carry-On Luggage? 4 Traits To Look For

If you spend a lot of time flying, your carry-on luggage can get worn down over time. Your carry-on luggage needs to allow you to easily pack up and access what you need when you travel. When purchasing new carry-on luggage, there are a few traits you want to look for.

Know the Measurements for the Airline You Fly the Most

First, you need to know the measurements for the airline that you fly with the most. Not all airlines have the same measurements for their carry-on luggage. Some airline allows for the transportation of larger suitcases as carry-ons and others require smaller carry-ons. You need to check with the airlines that you fly with the most often, and see what their exact measurements are for carry-on luggage, and make sure that the luggage you choose is smaller than that.

Go for Extra Wheels for Easy Transport

Next, when you are choosing luggage, always go for wheels. Having wheels makes it much easier to navigate through the airport. Even if you don't fly that often, you are still going to want to be able to move quickly through the airport when you do fly.

When it comes to wheels, more is better. A suitcase with four wheels instead of two wheels is going to be easier for you to navigate around the airport.

Be Mindful of the Weight of the Bag

You need to be mindful of the weight of the bag as well. Although carry-ons often don't have a set weight limit, they should generally be kept under ten pounds. Check and see what the weight of the actual suitcase is, as you don't want the suitcase itself to be too heavy.

Squared Interior

Finally, go for a suitcase with a squared interior. A carry on with a squared interior is going to give you the greatest possible amount of space for you to store your items.

Get a Custom Tag

Even if you choose the most unique looking luggage you have ever seen, that doesn't mean that someone else is not going to have the same luggage, which is why you should always purchase a custom engraved luggage tag for your luggage. Carry-on luggage is often taken and stored under the plane, which is why you need luggage tags even for carry-on luggage. Plus, luggage tags will make your luggage identifiable in other situations as well.  

A custom tag will have your information engraved on it, making your luggage easily identifiable.  Plus, having a custom engraved luggage tag is yet another way to set-off your new carry-on luggage.

When it comes to purchasing new carry-on luggage, you are going to want to make sure the luggage you choose meets the size requirements for the airlines you travel the most frequently. Get extra wheels to make it easier to pull your luggage through the airport. Be mindful of the weight of the bag itself; you don't want the bag to be too heavy when it is empty. Go for a bag that has square sides and integrated compartments to give you the most possible space.