4 Items That Are Ideal For A CBD-Themed Easter Basket

When putting together an Easter basket for adults, you can find ways to mix in the fun of Easter with actual items an adult would use and enjoy. If you have a family member or loved one who enjoys the benefits of CBD oil, then you can put together a themed basket filled with CBD products and items.

Follow this guide to learn more about items to put inside the basket and some of the more unique CBD product options.

1. CBD Gummies

Easter is a popular holiday for candy, and you can replace the typical jelly beans in an Easter basket with some CBD gummies. CBD gummies act like a daily vitamin for CBD users and come in a lot of fun flavors and colors. For example, you can purchase traditional gummy bear shapes.

You could also purchase CBD gummies in the form of traditional candies like peach rings or sour worms. The colorful candies can help fill the basket and match other Easter decorations.

2. CBD Honey Sticks

Another sweet option to use inside an Easter basket is CBD honey sticks. The honey sticks include sweet, natural honey that is infused with CBD and flavors. The sticks are often sold in different colors to represent flavors like strawberry or blueberry. You can purchase a package of the honey sticks and display the sticks throughout the Easter basket.

The variety of sticks will add some pops of color and fun designs. You can mix the sticks inside some artificial basket grass or inside of opened plastic Easter eggs.

3. CBD Bath Bombs

You can fill up a basket with some CBD bath bombs, which can look like colorful Easter eggs. The bath bombs offer a relaxing way to soak in CBD-infused water. The bath bombs are often mixed with relaxing scents, and a collection of the bath bombs can give someone a lot of options for future baths.

4. CBD Lotions

An Easter basket is an ideal way to gift a lot of small travel items. You can fill a basket with a lot of little products, like CBD lotions. CBD lotions are ideal for packing in a travel bag or purse and can offer quick remedies for dry skin.

You can hide the lotions inside plastic Easter eggs and have each one be a nice surprise that someone gets to open. Get creative with the little products. Along with lotions, you can include lip balm and sunscreen.

After creating your first CBD Easter basket, you can make the theme an annual tradition. Contact a local CBD shop for more ideas.