Should You Buy An Engagement Ring From A Pawn Shop?

The engagement ring marks the beginning of a season of spending that culminates in you and your intended saying "I do." Even if you are in a good place financially, the idea of spending thousands on an engagement ring can make you flinch. Fortunately for you and your budget, there is an alternative to spending a lot of money on a ring. Some people are opting to buy their rings at pawn shops. Read More 

Are You Looking To Keep Costs Low When Purchasing Custom Screen Print T-Shirts? Learn What Factors Affect The Price

Custom screen print t-shirts are used in a variety of different ways. Schools may order the shirts for spirit days, little league teams may order them as uniforms, and businesses may order them as promotional tools. Regardless of how you plan on using the t-shirts you order, you may be looking to get them at a cheap price. There are many elements that affect the price of a custom screen print t-shirt. Read More 

Vulnerable No More: Concealed Carry Permits For Seniors

As incidents of gun violence and terrorism are becoming more common, many U.S. citizens are opting to protect themselves and loved ones by invoking their Second Amendment right to purchase and possess firearms. And many of these people are interested in carrying that protection with them outside of the home. One particular population is arming themselves in higher numbers than most others—seniors. According to the National Institutes of Health, in Kansas between 2006 and 2010, 31% of applicants for permits to carry a concealed weapon were 60 years or older, and Ohio and Arizona also have noted an increase in elderly people applying for concealed weapons. Read More 

8 Classic Christmas Movie Characters To Dress Your Baby Up As For The Holidays

As you get ready to celebrate your baby's first Christmas, showcase them in style by dressing them up in a baby costume inspired by your favorite Christmas movie characters. Whether you're taking pictures with Santa, attending a holiday party, or just celebrating on Christmas morning, a costume is a great way to liven spirits and make some great memories. The following costume ideas are all inspired by classic Christmas movies. When placed on an infant, they can add a lot of creativity and humor while you celebrate. Read More 

Teachers: 4 Tips To Help Left-Handed Children Succeed In Your Classroom

Do you have any left-handed students in your classroom? If so, have you taken into consideration the fact that they may struggle in an environment tailored to right-handed children? Read on for 4 tips to give the little lefties of the world an equal opportunity at learning. Add a Table To Your Classroom Studies reveal that left-handed students consistently produce lower cognitive test scores than right-handed children. Why? Because the bent and twisted way in which the children have to sit to write puts them at a disadvantage. Read More