8 Classic Christmas Movie Characters To Dress Your Baby Up As For The Holidays

As you get ready to celebrate your baby's first Christmas, showcase them in style by dressing them up in a baby costume inspired by your favorite Christmas movie characters. Whether you're taking pictures with Santa, attending a holiday party, or just celebrating on Christmas morning, a costume is a great way to liven spirits and make some great memories. The following costume ideas are all inspired by classic Christmas movies. When placed on an infant, they can add a lot of creativity and humor while you celebrate. Read More 

Teachers: 4 Tips To Help Left-Handed Children Succeed In Your Classroom

Do you have any left-handed students in your classroom? If so, have you taken into consideration the fact that they may struggle in an environment tailored to right-handed children? Read on for 4 tips to give the little lefties of the world an equal opportunity at learning. Add a Table To Your Classroom Studies reveal that left-handed students consistently produce lower cognitive test scores than right-handed children. Why? Because the bent and twisted way in which the children have to sit to write puts them at a disadvantage. Read More 

5 Bedding Gifts Ideal for Maturing Tween Girls

Other than the latest electronics or gift cards, it can be hard to shop for a girl aged 10 to 12. Once the tweens have passed their love for toys, it can become harder to stop in a store and pick out something quick. Girls often like to spend time in their room and you can attribute to this with a special bedding gift. Once the twin bed is upgraded to fit their growing lifestyle, there are five different bedding gifts you can purchase. Read More 

Don’t Get Taken For A Ride: Tips For Identifying Genuine And Counterfeit Collectible Coins

Growing your coin collection can be intimidating for an amateur currency lover. How can you tell which coins are genuine and which are fakes? Fortunately, you don't have to waste hundreds of dollars before you develop the ability to spot real articles. Here are a few ways you can save yourself the trouble of purchasing worthless counterfeit gold and silver coins. Do Your Preliminary Research Before you visit any auction or plan a meeting with a coin seller, make sure you're ready to examine each potential coin before you confirm your purchase. Read More 

Beautiful Baby Pictures: How to Get the Most Out of a Newborn Photography Shoot

It's exciting to hire a professional to take newborn pictures of your baby. These newborn sessions are becoming very popular, and you may spend hours looking at different poses and albums online, thinking about how your pictures will look. In order to make sure your pictures look the very best, there are some things you can do to add beauty and life to newborn photos. Consider some of the following ideas to make your baby's picture both beautiful and memorable. Read More